Hello world!

You have not understood something unless you can explain it in terms that can be understood by an English barmaid.

Lord Ernest Rutherford, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1908

The importance of science communication has been recognised since New Zealand’s most famous scientist, Sir Ernest Rutherford, made the claim above. Awareness and understanding of scientific ideas and issues by those without scientific training is vital, if the world is to regulate carbon emissions, control over-population or make the best use of nano-technology. Today’s science is big and complicated and often very controversial. At the University of Otago’s Centre for Science Communication in Dunedin, New Zealand (www.centreforsciencecommunication.com/index), we are training people to communicate science using film, the written word, image and digital media. Everyone has an opinion: we should all be talking with barmaids, rather than to them.


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