Growing wilder kids

I recently gave the Peter Spratt Memorial Lecture to the science teachers’ conference SCICON. There have been many calls for copies, so as it is a large file, I thought I would add it to the blog.

The full title is “Growing resilient children – getting kids wild about nature”. It describes the importance of getting children outside and into their environment and the ways that individuals can help improve community resilience.

FLEMING-Growing wilder kids


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2 Responses to “Growing wilder kids”

  1. Robina Smythe Says:

    Hey Jean. This tunes in well with the idea I flashed by you in Dunedin, about writing a book for Awa Press’s Ginger series (?), “How to grow a scientist”. I think we could work on something here …

  2. JSFleming Says:

    Yes Robina. I am currently working – slowly – on a book of 50 things to get children outside. Not quite the same as growing scientists, but similar. The theme is observe, record and report, which is very similar to growing good scientists, and good citizens really.

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