Transition to the coast

I moved to live on the Kapiti Coast in early 2015. The feel of the place is very different from Dunedin. It isn’t the temperature, although in the early stages of winter there were obvious climate differences.  I find myself walking and biking more. The air is laden with the salty smell of the coast and the light on the water makes one stop and just look. Kapiti Coast is a wonderful place to come back to, after a hard day in the city. Salt on your tongue, sand in your shoes, mother-of-pearl and azure, with the softness of small feathers.


IMG_1222 Spoonbills Little river shags PekaPeka IMG_1977 IMG_1980 IMG_3289 IMG_2368 - Version 2 Megan P1020331 Pied stilts Caspian terns P1020562 P1020565 P1020615 P1020618 P1020619 P1020621 P1020622 P1020623 IMG_2357 Waikanae beach evening


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