About me

Jean Fleming has now retired from the University of Otago’s Centre for Science Communication (www.sciencecommunication.info), but remains a science communicator and researcher on effective science communication. She is also known internationally for her interests in the role of scientists in the community. While she focussed originally on the perceived impression of scientists as untrustworthy and on the concept that humans shouldn’t “play God”, these days she is interested in the community’s response to the big issues of today, such as climate change, sustainability, obesity or cloning. She is a great fan of the Dunedin International Science Festival – there’s one coming up in July 2014! Jean has had a regular slot on the Radio NZ National Nights programme with Bryan Crump since 2008, where she discusses “Body Parts” – from the sticky bits to the thinking bits.

Until the end of 2012  Jean was a staff member in the Department of Anatomy, in the Division of Health Sciences, where she taught reproductive and developmental biology, respiratory and urinary tract anatomy and ran a research project on the origins of epithelial ovarian cancer.



4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Des.Todd. Says:

    Good Morning Jean…..Hopefully, you are the correct Jean (or Jeanie with a pony called Salty). However if I am wrong…apologies….so this short reply is a toe in the water…. so to speak.
    Des Todd is my name. Mary and I had a small property at Otaki where you came to ride Salty.
    If one is correct ….your Dad loved white baiting….your Mother told me your Dad was a clever man but could not boil an egg.
    If the above is correct….Hello Jeanie.

  2. Russell Parker Says:

    I just found your photo of the jungle rooster’s saddle hackle feathers in Vathe conservation area.
    As its unusual colour intrigues me and contributes to my enquiries about origins and conservation of Pacific junglefowl I would appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly to see if you have any more photos of the junglefowl there.
    thanking you
    Russell Parker

    • JSFleming Says:

      Hi Russell
      I took a few photos of the local chickens at Vathe, but it was the orange rooster that I loved especially, as it reminded me of the wild jungle fowl I first saw in Assam, India, whil on the back of an elephant in the Manas Nature Reserve (1978!). Those were, apparently, the “real thing” with regards to wild chickens. The chickens at Vathe were definitely domesticated, although one of the people we met did hint that there was a wild jungle fowl in the back blocks of the jungle. I am absolutely no expert, being a retired health scientist, but I would love to hear more about the possibility of wild jungle fowl in Vanuatu. I could probably link you to a NZ ornithologist if it is useful.

    • JSFleming Says:

      My other photos of the chickens of Vatthe are now posted on “Talking with Barmaids”.

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